Mobile Coffee Cart

Mobile Coffee Cart and Ice Cream Cart to uniquely beautify your events

Enhance your service offerings at events, parties and weddings. We serve fully customizable artisan coffee from South America, Africa & Asia through our experienced baristas; all through our uniquely designed industrial themed mobile carts. Find out more about the type of coffee beans and chai powder we use below!


Chai Tea by David Rio served hot or cold to your guests during your events

Tiger Spice Chai by David Rio

Our Chai Latte's are made using David Rio's award winning chai; a rich and creamy mixture of black tea, premium spices & honey.

Inspired by India’s “chai wallahs”, who for centuries brewed chai from black tea and real spices, and then added milk and honey to the final preparation. Divid Rio's Tiger Spice Chai incorporates those Eastern traditions and blends them with Western innovations.


100% Arabica Coffee Beans

Handlebar Espresso by Gentlemen's Coffee
All our coffee based drinks are made using Handlebar Coffee by Gentlemen's Coffee Company; A rich blend of coffee beans from Brazil, Columbia & Ethiopia thus giving the final product a chocolaty-nutty taste with a unique orange-tangerine acidity best suited for local taste palates.

Also on the menu is the Razor Espresso blend, a dark roast catered towards Italian coffee lovers. It has a thick, smoky, dark cocoa taste. 

Cold Brew

Iced Hazelnut Latte | Iced Caramel Latte | Iced Irish Latte

With cold brew coffee fast becoming a trending drink amongst the millennial generation and coffee lovers we thought we'd join in the fun. Presenting our signature, in-house cold-brew coffee concoctions; Iced Hazelnut Latte, Iced Caramel Latte & Iced Irish Latte.

0% Sweetness, 20% Sweetness or 50% sweetness, our cold brew coffee can be fully customised to your needs and wants with any branding of your choice; be it for a corporate event, wedding or family get-together. 

Sip the Cold Brew Coffee and Iced Latte to quench your thirst during your events

Sip the Cold Brew Coffee and Iced Latte to quench your thirst during your events